Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I just finished making copies of Tiny Man's death certificate to send in with our Taxes. I had to do this because when we tried to Efile, our return was rejected with a note saying it was due to SS numbers. Our preparer suspects it may have something to do with Tiny Man's number and his death being recorded on SS records.
It's not that this was a big hassle, but I resent having to do it. It's not like I enjoy claiming him as a dependant knowing he's not any more. And I didn't really enjoy making copies of a document I'd still rather pretend didn't exist.

Thank you, Universe, for conspiring against me today.

And I swear...if they audit us for this......


Carol, Song of Joy said...

Those kinds of things are so upsetting, especially because we aren't expecting them. I am so sorry, dear Kym. The pain doesn't go away. It's just easier to bear some days than others. Sending you a hug!

hoppytoddle said...

Sometimes the cold, official things are the worst. It makes something so emotional into something so cut & dried & final. I'm sure the finality of it is painful, too. I may not know how you feel, but I know that's how I would feel. Am hereby validating that it sucks.

Anonymous said...

This truly does Suck. Hug your hubby, hug your toast, and know that I am thinking of you and sending my hugs too.