Sunday, April 12, 2009

Oh Wow.

A confession. Even though I love American Idol, I cannot stand other talent competitions on Television. Actually, most reality TV (with a few notable exceptions) kind of gives me hives.

America's Got Talent, in particular, does not strike my fancy in any way. Usually, when I see people trying to make it big through a reality TV show, I think to myself "really?"; because the whole thing seems kind of skeezy and second rate.
I know that many people are fans of the man from Britan who made it big on "Britan's Got Talent"...he was a plumber or something and, as it turns out, also sings opera. Good for him. I just have no interest.

That's why I was SHOCKED today to find myself riveted to this. My sister sent it to me because I love Les Miserables, but I watched because the woman in this clip is so amazing. It kind of made me cry a little. I highly recommend watching.

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