Monday, March 22, 2010

Somebody get me my hammer and scythe...

I've been thinking for a long time about writing on this blog my thoughts regarding the health care debate.  I've been having a hard time putting them concisely, though, and I feel that much has been said in one sided forums like this.  I'd like to leave it alone. 

I would, however, for the record, like to comment on a broader issue surrounding the health care debate that has me troubled.  It's the absence of intelligent debate.  The absence of knowledge and intelligence when discussing a topic.  The tendency toward hysteria, rhetoric, lies, meanness, and recently (and most disappointingly), reports of racism in public demonstrations. 

Look.  You ARE entitled to your opinion.  Yes, I mean that.  Yes, even when it's different from mine.  But I'm tired of the passive-aggressiveness involved in this debate.  AND even though I happen to be in favor of the idea of health care overhaul, I think there is plenty of shame to go around on both sides.  It makes me weary.  It saddens me, and not only because I see a nation that doesn't want to debate what (in my opinion, yes) is a basic human need, but because in all of this discussion I haven't seen evidence of a single well-constructed argument from our lawmakers on either side. 

The presence of multiple forums in our lives where we seem to be able to say whatever we want without being held accountable.  Things we would NEVER say to another person's face..(I'm looking at you, facebook)..these things just make it worse.  I'm so appalled at some of the things people have been writing. 

Shame on us.  Shame on us for making this discussion about our own selfishness and not about people.  Shame on us for not doing better for our country.  Shame on both sides. 


Carol, Song of Joy said...

Good for you, Kym! I'm tired of all of us. And I know the passing of this bill is only the beginning of on-going fights.

I hope I can get this to post. I've been having trouble lately. But then, if it doesn't post, you won't know I said this, will you. :)

I liked the post about Down Syndrome, too.

Amber said...

Wow...I really could not agree more. Everything you said resonated with me and my feelings surrounding this issue- the anger, the misunderstandings, the cruelness at times. It makes me incredibly sad. I also believe that it is a basic human right, and I'm still confused as to how others believe health care is debatable. (Of course, I respect others opinions...just don't always understand them.) Anyway, thank you. With all the craziness the past couple days, it was nice to read something so not-biased or cruel.