Saturday, November 8, 2008

Perhaps I should have thought about this...

Our DS parent support group has put out a calendar full of pictures of our kids...the calendar is beautiful (I'll post a link later where you can view it, if you want). Anyway, Ben is on a page in the calendar and tonight there was a big gala at a local art gallery to celebrate the publication of the calendar.

I didn't think before going that it would be difficult. I didn't really think at all, I just said I'd go. It was awful. I mean, seeing everyone, our friends and new parents and all, that was great. But seeing all the kids made me physically ache again. Made me miss Ben so much it's a physical stabbing pain in my stomach. We stayed about an hour and I managed to make to the car before losing it.

I'm going to have a large glass of wine and watch something that will not require thought.

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trisomymommy said...

Thinking of you tonight.

Even if you had thought about it, I don't know if it's possible to anticipate how you'll feel in such situations. A glass of wine and mindless video sounds like just the thing.