Sunday, November 9, 2008


Planned a long day at home today, just sitting and playing with the Toast (our nickname for T is T___ Toast, or the Toaster, or sometimes just "Toast"...). Well, that and soup, which I'll get to in a minute. So imagine my surprise when, on a mission of mercy to Meijer, Hubby calls and says "do you want to go to the DIA (the Art Museum) with my parents?". I LOVE the of course I said yes.

Then I started to think.

If Hubby and Toast went with mom and dad, I could have a minimum of three hours. THREE HOURS of completely unadulterated SILENCE and peace. It started to give me the twitches just thinking about it.

I broke the news slowly to Hubby: " have this pot of soup you think, and Toast could to to the museum and I would stay here, you know, for a little me time?" And this, my friends, is why I love him: "Sure! We could do that"

Joy! Rapture!

So they tromped off to get cultured, and while I am very very sad at missing time with my In-laws (who I love) and the Monet/Dali exhibit (which I really want to see), I also was overjoyed at having my whole entire house to myself.

Of course, a good amount of time was spent finishing the soup task I mentioned earlier. My mom and her friend took the turkeys they raise in to the Happy Turkey Hunting Grounds this week, and I was presented with two fresh turkeys (20 lbs and 24 lbs, I think), all cut up (because really, when do three people eat a 20 lb turkey?) and with carcasses in tact. I brought out my huge gazillion-quart canning pot and worked up a little homemade turkey stock magic with the non-roastable parts and the veggies (it's a secret mix...sorry). Okay...small exaggeration. It's an enamel pot that will boil seven quart jars of spaghetti sauce or whatever else your canning. So thats...what, a million quarts? We had six quarts of stock, three had meat in them, for freezing; plus a two cup plastic food container full, and fed all four and a half of us and have leftovers. Put that with the chicken stock I made a few weeks ago and we are stocked with stock now. Hooray! Oh, and the soup was great, I added meat (deboned what there was plus threw two wings in there for extra, so there was plenty), carrots, cannelinni beans, corn and spinach. With a loaf of yummy bread it was a great dinner.

I got a whole scrapook page done today..well a two page spread... I consider this a day well spent.


Carol, Song of Joy said...

Sounds like just what the "Doctor" ordered! Good for you.

purlewe said...

did you can the stock, or just freeze it?

Wondering in Philly. And wishing she lives close enough to benefit from your mother's kindness.

Glad you got some me time. I love me time. it really resets the clocks!!

K said...

I freeze mine, because I don't have a pressure canner, which I think you need for meat-based things. So I used quart-sized screw-lidded plastic containers (a-la ziploc or gladware, but mine were meijer brand). Try as I might, I CANNOT freeze stock in jars without breakage. Ziplock bags are the same way...they always get snagged or something.