Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Stuff I need to get better at: keeping track of things that happen every day. Why? Example?
I finished Tiny Man's first year scrapbook, finally. But although I love the pages I created, I don't think it's really a record, necessarily, of his first year. I hate journaling when scrapbooking, I am in it for the art and to make sure that the pictures I take get looked at once in awhile. But I would really like the books I make to be a record of events and occurrences, not just a collection of pictures on pretty matching paper. So for Bruiser, I'm taking a different approach. I am going to record in my calendar/planner the things that happen during a day, so that in his scrapbook I can create calendar pages that will tell what we did, what milestones he reached, and what happened during his first year.
In addition to this, I used to keep a journal religiously...but in recent years I have found that I just don't have time! Keeping a record like this in my planner (which I have around and out all the time anyway) will be easier, quicker, and more entertaining. I can just jot things down as they happen. I"m less into that whole "journal of my feelings" thing anyway...I just don't have enough time to sit down and record every little thing at the end of a day. Anyway, isn't that what blogging is for?
I added today to my toolbar...I like the idea of being able to organize, access and share my bookmarks on the web. Most of the pages I see, though, tend to be articles, while my bookmarks are more pages I visit on a regular or semi-regular basis. Very few are articles for research (though occasionally I do mark a couple things here or there, usually only temporarily). I am intrigued by the concept but I want to learn more to see how I will use it.

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