Friday, January 11, 2008

Because I feel like posting

Things I would like to be able to do again soon:

1. Knit

2. Shower daily

3. Sleep all night

4. Scrapbook (date planned: Jan. 18, so "Check")

5. Cook a big meal for us

6. Have time alone with Hubby

7. Mop my kitchen floor (I don't know where this comes from...although my house is usually free of clutter, because I hate clutter, it is rarely "clean clean"...just picked up and swept...but suddenly the compulsion is there)

8. do a complete task from start to finish

9. Wear a regular Bra, one that holds the girls up and doesn't give me uniboob. Why OH WHY do they not make good nursing bras for large breasted women?

10. Go for a walk. Preferably with the boys during the "whiny hour" of either 11 am-noon or 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm.

11. Get a haircut

I'm not, really, I"m not...but I need a list of things I want to accomplish that reads more like this (long term things that will come back into the realm of our new normal soon) and less like "feed cat, buy diapers". Because all of these things will happen again soon, it's just not now.

I love being at home. I love my boys. But sometimes in the middle of the day when Tiny Man is screaming and Bruiser wants to nurse again for the fifth time in two hours, I have to set them down and go out to the garage for two reasons: 1. I can shut the door and 2. I can take five deep breaths and come back in ready to be patient again. Tiny Man has developed this annoying habit of screeching at the top of his lungs for sustained periods of time for no reason. Well, he has a reason: he is being asked to play on his own while I do something with baby Bruiser. It's just an adjustment period.

Had a visitor today that brought me starbucks. mmmmmm. It's the little things.

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