Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Stalker boy non-update

I just wanted to thank people for comments on and off about my dilemma. I think I will talk to the mother next time I see her out (about once a week or so) and let her know what is going on. I know that may make me look like a freak, but you are right, if it was my daughter I would want to know.

No other new news, except that I put the purple sock back on the needles, and it looks pretty (I know, that's so descriptive!). It's a k4 p2 rib which really is turning out nicely. Plain, but the yarn is so soft and it is so stretchy I really like it. I went through my yarn today, which until now has occupied two wicker baskets in our living room. Due to the abnormally high number of spiders in our house, I wanted to get it sorted into ziplock bags. Upon doing so I discovered that there is NO WAY I can deny having a stash any more. I always used to say I have no stash...or that I had a small stash, made up of leftovers from what I had made. No, I can't deny it any longer. I have a stash. But it's an organized stash, dammit.

We here at Casa de coffeemomma look forward to Easter every year. We go out for brunch with Hubby's grandma. It's always a big spread with the whole fam and we eat ourselves silly. I love to dress the tiny man up and show him off. It should be a fun day for all. :) I know lots of people will be off for the weekend for some reason or another, so I hope you all have a restful time of it.

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