Thursday, April 5, 2007

Open Communication

To all drivers in the great state of Michigan:

It is April. That means you have been driving in the snow for the past four months (five, if you count the storm we had in October and add into it any flurries that occurred in November and December). What this means, ultimately, is that you should now be well versed in how to drive in snow. Unless you have spent the past four or five months in your house without ever leaving for any reason (and tell me, really , who delivered your groceries? I want to know....) YOU HAVE DRIVEN IN THE SNOW! What this means is that the small, paltry, inadequate dusting of frozen water we have on the ground today is NOT A REASON to drive only twenty five miles an hour on the FREAKING HIGHWAY. It also means that while you may have to slow your vehicle (pronounced Vee-hick-ul, because I like it that way) in order to maneuver around a corner, there is no reason to actually stop at multiple points during your turn. The stop sign means you only need to stop once, not at each and every point of the curve you are trying to negotiate.
Furthermore, if the sheer number of poor drivers I encountered today is someone's idea of a sick joke...a pox upon you. And all of your crappy drivers.

Thank you, drive through.