Monday, April 2, 2007

In which I write a lot about knitting

There are lots of knitting things going on here. First, you will observe to the left the newest love of my life. These are the Endpaper mitts, pattern by Eunny Jang. I made them with Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift, in tartan and daffodil. And I love them. No, really....I LOVE them. I'm glad it's going to snow later this week and I will wear them round the clock on the day it does. I am more in love with them than I should be with any inanimate object. A few things I learned with this pattern: how to do colorwork/fair isle knitting, and of the many ways to do this, the way I like best. If you look carefully at the right mitt, you can see the color dominance change, because I changed the way I knit at that point. Do I care? No, but I'm just saying that I learned something here.
On Sunday I went to Ann Arbor to see the Yarn Harlot. It was a great day, I was excited to be out on my own for an entire afternoon, I got great parking (in the super secret stealth parking area Hubby showed me long ago), and I brought knitting. I went in, stood in line to buy books, met another knitter (because the place was filthy with them, after all), made nice, and we found a seat. Then we found out that the Harlot's plane had been turned around that morning because of fog, and she was going to be two hours late. In no other situation would the room be so calm...after all, we all had something to do!!! Around 150 knitters sat and chatted and knit for the whole time...we had an interruption for a parade of small children who had been upstairs making Easter Bonnets (CUTE!), we turned our chairs around and gabbed. It was great! Here's a pictures of the people who put up with me for two hours:
I was going to take a picture of the parade of children we saw, when I was reminded that it might be considered creepy to put a picture of someone else's kid on the web. I concur, so you'll just have to go without.
I did take pictures of the Harlot, but they turned out badly, so I will not post them. It was a great talk, she is very funny and easy to listen to. I did not wind up getting my books signed, because I had to get home to tutor that night. Ahh well.
Sadly, when I got home that night, I discovered that all of my knitting mojo had left me. I had started a sock that afternoon and it was too small. Rrrrrip. I have started a hat for my sister-in-law about three times, and I have never liked it. Rrrrrrrip. Restarted the hat last night. I'm still bitter about the socks. I knit so tightly that I have to adjust every single sock pattern out there...either add stitches or use larger needles. I'll restart it today.


Beth said...

Was so great to meet you and hang out for all that impromptu knitting and waiting. So sorry to hear that all that work you did on the sock had to be ripped though.

PURLEWE said...

I am so happy for you. LOVELY knitting lovely day knitting with new freinds. Hope that you get more fun stuff like that soon.

Anonymous said...

I may need your help, as my knitting is MUCH less advanced than yours.

But what I want to know, it what about "stalker boy"?