Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The adventures of Stalker boy

Let me set the scene. My house is on one side of the road. Across the street live neighbors we really like...we'll call them house 2. Kitty-corner to us, next to house 2, is the neighbors we don't know, but seem okay. I mean, they don't seem to have any weird habits or anything. We'll call them house 1.

I have noticed some unusual behavior, it gives me the creeps, and I don't know what to do about it. House 1 has three children, the oldest being a teenage girl. I would guess she is a junior or senior in high school. About a month ago, I was looking outside. It was a really dreary day in February, rainy, cold, miserable. A car was parked outside their house, and a boy was sitting in a lawn chair at the end of the driveway. Bundled up, blanket over his lap, reading or staring into space alternately. He was there for two hours. I had seen this car in their driveway before, and I had seen the girl come and go with this boy several times. But now he was just there on his own. I thought he was a bit touched, and didn't think of it again.

About a week ago, I see this boy standing between house 1 and house 2, out of site of the front door or the open garage door, which faces the street. He is just standing there. His car is not in the driveway, in fact there is another car in the drive. Occasionally he listens at the wall of the garage next to him. I see the girl come out of the house with another boy, they talk in the garage for a minute, she leaning in close to him, then they each get in their cars. The strange car pulls out and away. Girl pulls out, and boy by garage runs to her car. They talk...he animatedly, jumping up and down at one point. Then she drives away, and he runs up the street and out of sight.

Today, I notice the same thing, only this time the boy is standing next to house 2, on the other side...way out of sight. After a minute he runs across the front of it to stand next to the garage again. Same car in the driveway. Same boy 2 comes out of house, gets into car, drives away. When he does, the stalker boy walks around the side of the house so as not to be seen. Okay, he RUNS so as not to be seen. Then I see him come out, speaking into something in his hand (not like a cell phone...like a small tape recorder?) and run away again. Girl's car is still in the garage, and she has not come out of the house.

Now, call me a nosey neighbor, I am. I get that. But this is not right to me. Problem is, I don't know these people. Part of me wants to call the cops on this kid, part of me wants to walk out of the house and right up to him to ask him what the hell he's doing. Part of me tells me to mind my own business. Part of me wants to introduce myself to the mom next time she is out and tell her what is going on.

I know teenage drama, I know a lot about it. Not only did I experience my share of it, I watched it unfold in front of me for nine years. But I have also seen some scary things that boys and girls can do to each other. What I'm trying to decide is if I'm freaked out because I think that something is going on that can be harmful to this girl, or if I'm just weirded out and shouldn't worry about it.

Any advice?


Anonymous said...

It's better to say "I'm sorry" than to ask for permission.

Maybe a chat with the parent(s) wouldn't hurt, with apologies if you seem to be intruding. It IS a hard call to make, but if it could intercept something awful happening, seems like it would be worth the risk of being seen as nosy neighbor.


Sarah said...

tell her parents. That's what neighbours are for.

(found you through crazycatladymel, hi!)

PURLEWE said...


Tell her parents and ask if they mind if you call the police.. Say that you are concerned about their safety.

PURLEWE said...
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Cate K said...

I'm a probation officer. Call the cops when you see this strange boy again. Stalking is illegal. So is trespassing. At least let him be on notice that what he is doing is weird.