Saturday, December 12, 2009


I'm taking a weekend facebreak (tech break...need them now and then) but since I'm popping in, there is an update to the Hospice situation.

Hubby has been calling on this one.  He talked to Hospice yesterday.  Seems that in April '08 (two months after Tiny Man's death), insurance paid Hospice. 

In April '09, they requested the money back, saying Tiny Man had gone over his maximum lifetime benefit.  We think this is a max. benefit for Hospice care, but we're not sure. 

Let me repeat:

Insurance took money back.  From a hospice.  A pediatric hospice. 

The amount?  $283 and change. 

Pick your jaw up off the floor. 

I am so disgusted by this.  It's not even a huge amount of money.  Not at all.  And a year....A YEAR after payment, they took.  the. money. back.

Our system is broken. 

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