Sunday, November 29, 2009

Oh, wow

Okay, so I have to say that one of the great joys in life, if you're a cook, is good stock.  I mean good beef, chicken or veggie stock that you make yourself.  It's like liquid gold.  I think I make pretty good stock...and I always have some in the freezer...I use it for everything. 

After Thanksgiving, and after we eat a roasted chicken, I love to make pot pie.  My mom always made it, and it's one of the great comfort foods to me...warm, rich and yummy.  And biscuits!  Who doesn't love biscuits? 

I've been fooling around trying to find the perfect recipe for Turkey pot pie...the kind made from leftover turkey from Thanksgiving....using the stock that you make the day after.  Today I tried the Pioneer Woman's recipe and I have to's like cooking perfection.  It's warm, it has a good thick gravy, and it tastes perfect: nothing weird chipotle gravy or anything else.  Just a good, sturdy pot pie-type stew.   Do yourself a favor and make it today...make a lot of it....we just ate ourselves silly!


purlewe said...

I love to freeze the pot pie filling for days when I have no time but want pot pit.. I take the filing out, slap 2 premade pie crusts and the filling in the oven. THAT is what I call a frozen dinner AND I made it myself and it was delish. I hope you have enough to freeze yourself!

Coffeemomma said...

That's a great idea....I do end up freezing the left over just doesn't taste good to me warmed why not go one step further and just make the whole deal?
We weren't able to freeze any of this, due to the extreme eating and "oh this is soooo good" that went on.

purlewe said...

I should have been more specific.. I actually double my pot pie recipe so I have the extra filling for later. I don't know why I didn't mention it earlier. That is the way it works out for us.

Making our own thanksgiving this weekend. I suspect pot pie to be in our future.