Sunday, November 22, 2009

A few things

I'm pretty sure that you haven't noticed....edit....I'm pretty much hoping you haven't noticed...that I signed on for this whole NABLOPOMO thing again this year and I've missed a whopping four days in a row.  It goes like this...sometime in October, our entire household came down with the piggy plague and ever since then I've done nothing but contract illnesses....small ones, large ones.  I've been sick for a month.  This past week I battled my third sinus infection and finally called the doctor after moaning on the couch all day Thursday.  (This is fun with a two year old...try it!).  Anyway....blogging fell to "low" on the priority list...even with the whole "but you PROMISED" thing hanging over my head.  I'm over it. 

A few thoughts about today:
-Started and completed several items off the "make felt food for Toast" project for Christmas.  Felt food is just as addictive and cute as I thought it would be.  Pictures tomorrow. 
-We took a trip to IKEA today, where we spent approximately $60 on things that all cost 2.99 each and have unpronounceable names with lots of Umlauts.  I've written about this phenomenon before.  Yes, they still have tasty, tasty buns.  Damn them.
-Since I've been sick for four days my house looks like a bomb went off.  I have 10 people coming over for dead bird in three days.  Oh lord. 

Regular blogging now in full force.  

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Moderate Means said...

I have a few felt food plans for Christmas, too. I haven't even started making anything and I'm already addicted to patterns!