Sunday, November 16, 2008

I only needed a few things....

Here's the trouble with Ikea.

You walk in, and you have a list. Okay, I walk in and I have a list. Anyway....I wanted to get a pizza cutter and some storage boxes. Before I know it, we have a stroller full of ... well .... STUFF. You see something and you're saying to yourself "but it's only $2.99!" and you buy it because, hey, $2.99, and you've been wanting JUST THAT THING only you didn't tell anyone because you didn't think that anyone else would understand. But it just dawned on you just that second how much you wanted that one thing. So you get it. Did I mention $2.99?

Here's the other problem with Ikea. On the way out they have this room. It's called the "As Is" room. We have gotten some GREAT deals there. It's damaged, returned, incomplete or otherwise unsellable merchandise. So usually we find some crazy deal there on something that you can't tell is "As Is"....

And then we get to the checkout and we pay roughly $6,578.23 for I DON'T KNOW WHAT. And then we have to get a cinnamon bun. Damn you Ikea and your tasty, tasty buns.

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