Thursday, April 23, 2009

too long for a tweet

Me: I am SO COLD!
Hubby hands me a blanket
Me: No, I have to hands are too cold to knit
Hubby: want to snuggle?
Me: No, I have to kn...oooo! fingerless gloves!
Hubby (simultaneously): Don't you have fingerless gloves?
I pull said gloves from bottom of knitting basket, singing in faux opera and put them on.

Then I go to tweet/blog about it.
Oh dear.


Carol, Song of Joy said...

Hmmm. Think I would rather "cuddle." :)

Melon said...

I'd rather "cuddle" as well, especially with someone known as "The Sun."Of course, it does scare me that you were cold...

Kneelingwoman said...

Well I want to learn to knit! I am so envious of people who have "hand" skills. Mine are confined to the piano and guitar ( and midwifery and...cuddling ). If you would ever like to teach someone to knit, have them sit adoringly at your feet to learn from you...I'm your girl!