Friday, April 10, 2009

On a random friday...

Just a few random things I wanted to jot down today.
There is a road near my house that meanders through some lovely woods next to a lake...I drive it quite a bit as I'm out and about. In the spring...early spring...I love that before anything else greens up, there are carpets and carpets of these beautiful little blue flowers. I've never gotten close enough to see what they are, but to me they mean spring. I lived around here three years before my mom pointed them out to me. She saw them on the way over to our house to visit when we brought Tiny Man home and things were so uncertain with his life. Now when I see them they always remind me of him and make me smile. It means winter is over and spring is here.

We are going for brunch on Sunday with hubby's Grandmother (Nana) and various members of his family...a fine tradition in his fam. Tomorrow I'll be making an Easter dinner for MY family here at our house. I LOVE making big dinners and having everyone over, even though it means I'll be exhausted by the time it's all over. Our house is tiny (by today's standards), but perfect for us, and I love to have it full of people we love, even when we're all crammed in like sardines!

Why was it that I was so good at budgeting for Christmas, and yet getting items for Toast's Easter basket has turned me into a spending freak? It's not like I've broken the bank here, but I have gotten him far more little treasures than he really needs...but they will be so much fun for him! I can't wait.

Have a great weekend, everyone, and Welcome Spring!

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Anonymous said...

No pic's yet of the Tobsters first haircut yet? It was one of his first leaps into manhood!!

Grandpa C.