Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Not the first

Many things will be written about yesterday's events, and most will be far more eloquent than I could achieve. I have to just note a few things, though, to record my own experience.

First, how beautiful, graceful, confident, amazing and lovely is Michelle Obama? I was completely struck by her presence as her own person, instead of a sort of "lady in waiting" as most first ladies seem to be.... I was also struck by how visible the relationship she has with her husband is. These are not two people who are in a marriage and also in public life...these are two people who are in love, married, and working as a team to achieve their lives. Oh, and he's president now... That's really the way it appears to me. I love that when they look at each other you can see the respect, love, and team effort that is the rock of their marriage.

Like many, the fact that there were so many shots looking out over the west (? was it the west?) lawn of the Capitol on to the Washington Monument and the mall in the distance. I could not help but remember grainy black and white images of the march on Washington and Dr. King's speech at the Lincoln memorial so many years ago. As I listened to our new president speak, Toast (who had been sick all day) was fast asleep in my arms. I wept a little, thinking of what kind of world he would inhabit, and so filled with hope for our country and the world my son will live in.

I wondered if they would use President Obama's (that has a nice ring!) middle name in the swearing in. He has openly acknowledged the baggage a name like Hussein has, and we all know that. I feel that by not shying away from using his full name, even with that baggage, it was a signal that we can move on, that fear of ideas will only hold us back. I"m sure that it wasn't analyzed that much from his end...but I'm glad there was no shying away from using his middle name.

On a much much lighter note, how much of an idiot did the Chief Justice make of himself! You are swearing in a man to the highest office in the nation. Do you think you could make sure you have the words right? Incredibly disrespectful. I was really dissapointed at that.

I am glad that we will have a fresh approach to things for a little while. Those who know me are aware of my feelings toward the Bush administration, and it's not necessary to rehash them. Though I am no fan of the last eight years, I have enormous respect for the office of the president and the enormity of the job. I do think, if being fair, that no matter what you think of the previous or current administrations, it's just time for someone else to have a go at things. Let's look at this country, it's problems and successes, with fresh eyes and start again. There is nothing that can't be fixed, I hope.

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