Thursday, January 29, 2009

Freakin' Sunshine and Unicorns...

Oh, lovely little blog. The house begins to fall apart and you get so neglected. You know, someone gets sick...then cuts two molars...then winds up with an ear infection and I'm all "what blog!"

A few things..
I don't think I blogged about Weight Watchers, but I have started again. I did this back in...2002? Yes, I think that was it. And I lost a TON of weight. Not enough to make me look like a clothes rack, but I felt really really good and had a ton of energy. I learned how to eat properly, which is why I LOVE this program so much. But then...well, life happened....
So I'm back on the horse. The first week I lost 3 lbs, which is pretty good. I'm doing it online, and I LOVE's very very easy to keep track of everything. Especially when one enjoys quality time with the ol' Mac like I do. So, I'll probably be posting updates on that here and there, trying to keep myself honest and all.

Project 365 (new! with improved coffeemomma "lite" adjustments) is going well. I"m remembering to take pictures every day, which is half the battle. I post them on my flickr page, which is here. I have done three weeks worth of layouts for my book, so I'm keeping up on that also. There are some things I really love about this. One, I'm really really trying to stay away from "scrapbooking" these pages. I'm putting in the pictures on plain cream-colored paper. The exception is the tags for recording what each picture is about, and I'm using pre-made tags in most cases, or making my own. I want the focus to be on what was happening, no matter how mundane (one picture this week was of my shoes). It all seems so silly now, but in the big picture, I'm fascinated by what life was like "back when" for people I know...and that's the boring stuff no one likes to talk about. So I'm picturing the boring stuff! At the end of the month maybe I'll post some of my layouts to show what I'm doing.

Oh, and on the crafty front. This is disgusting:
This? This is the SIX knitting projects I have started. Some knitters? They start lots of things at once, they knit like the wind. They buy and stash yarn in huge quantities. Not me. I'm not a fickle girl. I like to start on a project and see it through. So okay, maybe two...but one will be a pair of socks and we all know those don't count. But SIX? What, do I have Fibre ADD? Apparently. The worst part is ONLY ONE of these is a challenging project...the others are QUICK knits. But not for me. Oy. So I'm working on finishing these up. Oh...and ONE of them is a deadline knit...I stole for a wedding gift that is "due" in May and is my first big lace I really need to be plodding along on that and I'm not. Geeze. (Flickr has this picture with notes so you can see what each thing is, if you're into that kind of thing).

So we're alive and kickin' here....Toast is on the mend (oh, you didn't know I was talking about him in the first paragraph?) and we're feeling fine. Loving the snow, hating the cold. Too bad they come in a pair. :)

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Carol said...

I'm glad you're back. I missed you. Love the photo of you and Toast. And good for you to be back on Weight Watchers. Maybe you'll inspire me to try it. I'm delighted you are doing so well, Kym.Cop