Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The heat is on

Okay, so the heat really isn't on anymore...but it's caused a delay in just about every aspect of my life the past two weeks as Tiny man and I hang out and avoid all activity. Over and above the heat, I've just been feeling lazy. Huge, pregnant and lazy. This takes the form of multiple naps during the day, as well as long periods of time doing nothing, hanging around on the floor with tiny man. While it can be enjoyable, I don't like wasting time like this...I don't like feeling so sluggish, like every task is something insurmountable. I mean, answering Email seems like I will never finish it. Ridiculous. People keep telling me that it's okay to feel like this because I'm pregnant and it will pass. I say that being pregnant is no excuse...there is too much to be done.

So anyway, I've been spending time of the grid, so to speak. Trying to focus on putting things in order around here, making a list of what needs to be done before the baby comes. I guess I"m going through that nesting phase, but really I just want to make sure that everything gets done before november hits, because then it's all about holidays and baby.

I am knitting. I have finished a few projects lately. I'm big into the socks right now, but I'm also knitting slowly (even more than usual) because I spend my free time during the day napping or cleaning. I'll have some pictures of finished projects soon.

I'm loving the rain today. :)

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