Thursday, July 26, 2007


Thursdays seem to be the hardest days around here....hubby stays late at work (well, not at work, but in the same town) to take a class at night, so Tiny Man and I are together all day long. It's not like this is difficult or anything else, I just look forward to hubby coming home and hanging out with us. On Thursdays I try to find things to do that will fill the time. Outings are always appreciated. I'm not sure what we will do today, but I'm not feeling like staying at out we go.

We went to the ultrasound yesterday...I'm 20 weeks pregnant now, it seems like time is creeping by. I can't believe I will not deliver until december, I already feel as if I've been pregnant forever. I say this not in a "oh I'm miserable" way (I'm not, I feel great), but things sure aren't hurrying past. Everything was normal in the ultrasound, which was a HUGE relief...I feel like every time something comes back normal I'm beating some kind of cosmic odds. I don't think I will ever escape the feeling that something is about to go wrong, after everything we went through with Tiny Man. Still have to schedule a fetal echo in a few weeks to make sure the heart is normal, again because of Tiny Man's heart history. I found out I can't have this at the hospital I plan to deliver at, because the doc who does them is out on vacation for four weeks. So I'll try and make it down at Children's Hospital, maybe I can do the fetal echo and have Tiny's next checkup at the same time...this may be more efficient for us, but I'm not sure how it will be trying to schedule it. Other than these concerns, the pregnancy news is blissfully boring. I'm feeling great, walking a lot to try and stay healthy, trying to eat well (though I do admit to caving in more than I'd like). Whatever I"m doing is working, though...I lost four pounds the first few months because of morning sickness and I have yet to gain it back yet. Normally, this might be concerning, but for me, given my...uh, rather Rubenesque physique, it's not a bad thing. I know I will gain eventually, but I don't need to gain a ton of weight with this pregnancy.

Meanwhile, I don't remember being this TIRED last time. I know that a lot of this is just the work of being with Tiny Man...carrying him around is killing me...I try not to do it all that often, but it's hard not to. And with all the stairs in our house, I'm exhausted by the end of the day. It never fails that I'm up the stairs to get two things, and I come down with one and forget the other. By the end of the pregnancy I'm really going to have to plan my stair trips better. I described carrying him around to hubby yesterday by saying it's like carrying a giant squid while having a whale strapped to your front. Funny, but oh so true.

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