Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It Lives!!!!

No, I have not forgotten that I have this blog. No, I have not abandoned this blog. Just took a little break, which is inconvenient when you tell everyone you have a blog then don't write in it for a month and a half. But what a time we've had. On top of Tiny Man having a hospital stay in early May and various other things - mostly health and food related - causing us stress, I am pregnant again...and the first trimester did not go as well as last time. I took great joy (silly me) in telling people that I had no morning sickness with Tiny Man, so it figures I would get socked with it this time. Add on to that early complications - spotting, low hormone levels - creating a miscarriage worry and it's just been a big roller coaster ride. On one hand it's been hard not to blog...there has been so much on my mind...but since we weren't telling people I'm pregnant until after the first trimester and our worries passed, I didn't want to start blogging about it. But the cat's out of the bag now, worries have passed, and I'm feeling better, so now you're all in for the boring pregnant lady posts. Aren't you glad you read?

Something else that is on my mind is blog audience. I know I told only a few people about this, and I"m sure a few more will stumble onto it after internetting around, but is anyone reading now? I'm sure that people aren't like me, checking my favorite blogs every day even though one of them hasn't posted since, well, since I have. But I'm socially maladjusted like that...I'm sure other people have better things to do. :) So the question is, do I care? I started this blog because I type faster than I write, and I"m at the computer more often than I have time to sit and jot things down in a journal. I've kept a journal most of my life, but I find I don't have the time I want to have for it now, so this is a good way to remember the day to day happenings. So does it matter if I have readers or not? What defines a blog, the content or the readers? Or is it something else?

See, now I"m back and I'm all philosophical.

It won't be another month, I promise.


Beth said...

Congrats on the pregnancy! I look forward to reading all the updates.

So, yeah, you do still have at least one reader out here :)

purlewe said...

And I read. And I watch.. I can't say it is every ay.. It would get hit every day if I changed the title of it in my favorites to your name :)