Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hello, old friend

I've been fortunate this year (and other years, as well) to get lots of support through the month of February, where two of the hardest days of the year fall.  Ben's "Anniversary", as we have come to call it around here, is next week.  His Birthday falls exactly seven days after. 

I've had a lot of friends looking out for me this year, asking me how things are, how I'm feeling, how I'm doing, and truthfully, I think this year might be an okay one.  I can't tell if I'm just handling the upcoming dates okay, or if I'm just numb.  Certainly the mild winter is helping...being able to go outside in the sun in February to play ball with Toast in the yard is a luxury I don't get often enough.

I'm just riding through this month, hoping to make it through to the end, as I always do.  Christmas was so very very hard this year...maybe I can make it through the anniversaries as well. 


I keep saying this, but I miss blogging.  Every time I feel I have something to say, though, I am not sure it's something the world needs to hear.  I think I need to just get on here and write.  Write what I want to.  Stop trying to write for other people. 


Currently working on: some vintage pillowcases.  I made a lovely discovery (long story) of some pillow tubing with cross-stitch patterns on the edges.  I'm really enjoying working on them in the evenings while I watch TV.  It's a nice break from the knitting, and I'm REALLY excited to wash them up and put them on our pillows, just for a little change.  Typing that made me long for the first spring day when I can open the windows and let the fresh air in.  This winter has been mild, but not that mild. 

My scrapbooking weekend is approaching fast, and I"m worried I wont' have enough to scrapbook.  Not that I'm currently "caught up", just that I feel like I haven't taken a lot of pictures lately.  I'm always so worried about having an equal number of pictures of Jam, so he has a scrapbook equal in size and scope to Toast and Tiny Man's.  It doesn't help when people in my life remind me that the youngest child always seems to get the short end of the memory-keeping stick.  Just gotta keep plugging away.  :)  Maybe I'll make a point to be camera-mom for the next few weeks and bulk up the iPhoto files. 


Ali said...

Good for you! Write whatever you want :) That's what I do.. and it is healing and freeing to just write. Anything! Don't please anyone but yourself. Your blog is the place to be selfish ;) Also... I think while you were on hiatus did you have another baby (Jam)?!?! or did I just miss something since I started reading your blog?

purlewe said...

meant to ask you this today..

gonna write some more? I miss you.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to be reading your writing more and hopefully it will get me going on a long overdue project I've had. Write whatever you want...we want to read your words. Love ya!