Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Getting started is always the hard part.

Let's just establish that this will be the self-reflective "getting back to the blog" post.  If you'd like, you can just skip this one and come back later.

Blogging, like exercise, seems to be hard to restart once you stop.  I know because I have also recently started exercising again....I think that blogging will involve less sweat.  The music might be a bit mellower, as well.

I've missed blogging, though.  For four years or so, I had become used to sitting down at the computer and jotting down a few thoughts.  Or a lot of thoughts.  Publishing it to the world.  Okay...not the world, but at least it was going out there.  My dad read it, so that was nice, except when it was awkward (hi Dad!!).  But then there was the whole baby thing, and the losing my mind trying to figure out how to mother two children thing, and the three year old dropping his nap thing (throwing our whole carefully constructed schedule into chaos once again).  But I've missed sitting here, musing, hitting publish and wondering if anyone would read.  Or sometimes getting it all out here at the keyboard, hitting publish, and hoping no one would read it....or at least indicate to me that they had read it (Hi, Dad!!!).

So I'd like to get this started again.  I'd like to have a record of our days here at le Chez.  I've come to appreciate the time I'm spending at home in a very new and unique way, and I think in a few years I won't remember what this was all like....and that would be a shame. 

So, I"m back.  Let's see where this goes!

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Anonymous said...

I'm reading again. Nice to have you back.