Saturday, April 17, 2010

You say.....

I read a blog this week that really hit home with me.  This entry on a site called "Ordinary Courage" has the author listing the ways she's like her dad.  It's funny to me, only because as I become older I realize that all the old addages are true: you do become your parents.

There's  a lot about me that's like my mom.  Hubby likes to point these things out to me when I'm particularly frustrated over something by saying "Okay, Jane".  Someday I'll have to tell him how much I appreciate that.

Today, though, I thought I would follow the lead of the post I just linked to  and tell you the ways I'm like my dad:
- Because of my dad's love of music, and countless games of "Stump the Chump" the car, I have an encyclopedic knowledge of music.  Not just the stuff I would have picked up by being a music lover, anyway, all that 80's stuff, the retro entirety of Rock and Roll history.  My sister, my dad and I, when we get going, are really a force to be reckoned with.

- I earned my love of music from my dad, but my knowledge of useless Trivia, I'm convinced, is purely genetic.  The amount of...well, crap that is in my brain and can be quoted at random times is truly staggering.  I absorb these things like a sponge.  They are rarely useful...unless I ever go on Jeopardy, which probably won't happen because I keep saying I"m going to take the test and then not taking it.  Something, by the way, that my dad does too.

- We can go back and forth for days with really bad puns.  I mean, things that make other people leave the room.  A favorite is the "what do you call a guy..." one liners.  What do you call a guy with no arms and no legs in the bushes?  Rustle.  It never ends.  We've each heard them a million times, and it never gets old.

- We both like peanut butter on our toast.

- We can both sit for a great length of time "watching the world go by"

- We can both wave with our feet.

- We both like to drive.  There is nothing better than a really good song on the radio and a nice road to drive on...not a highway...some back road going no where.  That's the stuff.

All in all, I'd have to say that the best of me came from my parents...and the stuff that I like most about myself, all the funny quirks that make me who I am?  That came from my dad.

Happy Birthday, Dad.  :)


Anonymous said...

No birthday present could have been better. Thank you.


Jocelyn said...

You both like putting Peanut Butter on your son? That seems like it might border on child abuse...well, no, not really. I'm sure Toast would love being slathered in PB ;p