Thursday, April 29, 2010

Conversations with my Toddler

Me: Are you still hungry?
Toast: nom nom nom (eating chicken)  I WANT CHEESE. 
Me: Is your chicken gone (I've given up on the Broccoli that's on his plate, that's clearly a lost cause)
Toast: I want cheese please.
Me: I asked you if your chicken was gone
Toast: And I said I wanted cheese. 


me: Do you know where ambulances take people?
Toast: To their houses? 
Me: no, to the hospital to get better.  Do you know what else people go to the hospital for? To have babies!
Toast: I want to go meet the baby!
Me: We'll have to ask if they let big brothers visit.  Sometimes they do. 
Toast: I'll drive my garbage truck there. 

There was a long discussion about purchasing a Garbage truck, who would be able to drive it, and where we would take it.  Toast is insisting that since I can drive my car (a Honda Civic) that I can drive a Garbage Truck too.  And he'll take it to the park. 

I LOVE the way the two year old mind works.  Always keeps me on my feet. 


Susan said...

No way, I am just right now writing a blog post with conversations I've had with Anja this week! They're so funny, I wish I could remember them all.

By the way, I do not recommend taking a garbage truck to the hospital, especially while in labor.

Heather said...

I miss two year old thoughts. Three is even better for imaginative thinking...