Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It happened in the yogurt aisle

Recently there have been a few incidents that have me reconsidering that whole "boys are easier than girls when it comes to dating" wisdom that seems to float around.  Today was another example. 

Toast is really excited about going to the grocery store now, because two stores near us feature "little" shopping carts.  They are just his size, and he LOVES to push his own cart around the store.  It's a little hair-raising for me, but he's getting better over time.  The first time we tried this he nearly ran down two old ladies in frozen foods....I had to physically run after the cart (bent over, of course, because the cart is two feet tall) and restrain him as he tried to madly push it into their galoshes in front of the ice cream.  It's a wonder I let him at the things after that. 

Before I continue this story I have to tell you that one of my pet peeves when grocery shopping is someone who leaves their cart in the aisle as they go to look for other things.  I don't mean parked discreetly at the side of the aisle, I mean DIRECTLY in the middle so that no one can get around them.  It's one of the things I hate most in this life. 

So today when my son abandoned his cart in one of the main aisles in the supermarket to go pick up a girl, you'll understand that I was duly shocked. 

To be fair, she was cute.  His age, golden locks, pink jacket, Elmo in the shopping basket.  Toast must have noticed the basket first because his pickup line was "I like your Elmo"...she was instantly smitten.  They held hands.  He asked her to go home with him.  She said he needed to go home with her mommy.  After some prolonged smiling and flirting in the checkout lane, they had to part ways. It was a little tragic. 

I was laughing to hard to be worried, but I should note that this is the SECOND time he has attempted to use his powers of persuasion on young women while out in public.  The first time had him holding hands and asking a SEVEN YEAR OLD to go home with him in his mama's car. 

Mothers, lock up your daughters.  Toast is on the prowl. 


Anonymous said...

I love this!!! He *is* a charmer!!

Thanks for sharing it!


Carol, Song of Joy said...

What a hoot! I can't imagine the idiocy of giving toddles their own carts. Saw that in Albuquerque and it was scary. Nevertheless, I'm glad to know T is so "friendly". :) Love it!


Coffeemomma said...

Oh, believe me, it IS idiocy...but he loves being independent right now, so I'm willing to risk it when we only have a couple things to get. It's a thrilling experience, though...you should try it sometime. I don't recommend starting in the wine aisle.

Jocelyn said...

I love you so much for sharing your Toast with all of us here in interwebland.