Thursday, December 3, 2009

Let's be clear here...

...the following post in no way reflects things I feel MUST be done in order for Christmas to occur.  It reflects things I WANT to do.  I like making things for the holidays, and Toast's birthday (next week), and I have some wonderful plans...but it doesn't change the fact that things are starting to pile up on me.  Witness my to-do list:
1.  I have two knitting projects left for gifts.  One is half done, the other not started.  Both will only take a few hours to finish. 
2.  I'm making favors for Toast's birthday celebrations/gifts for his buddies...and they are cute.  But I"m making TEN of them.  I'll be posting a picture soon of what I"m making.  I think it's safe to say his friends dont' read the blog.
3.  Banner for Toast's birthday celebrations.  It's half done.  I'm cutting parts out on the Cricut, which means I can't do it during naptime, unless I move the whole operation out of the craftroom and downstairs.  That makes it a little interesting...crafting with an awake two year old.
4.  Cupcakes for Sunday/Tuesday (birthday)
5.  Small homemade gifties for our friends (mine and Hubby's).  Hubby will help with this.  Chocolate is a component, which makes the shopping tricky.  Can't buy the chocolate until I'm ready to bake, or it will be eaten.  I'm just being honest here.
6.  Christmas cards.  They're made, printed, just need to be addressed and sent.  I'm sure that I CAN print labels for the envelopes, but figuring it out will be harder than just writing them, right?  Maybe Hubby can do this.  And then there's all the addresses that arent' in the computer and must be added....the address thing is the reason I hate Christmas cards.  HATE. 
7.  And when all this is done...when next week is over...we can put up the decorations and relax. 

I love how some people think handmade holidays are so much simpler....away from the hustle and bustle, the malls.  Lies, I tell you, all lies. 

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