Monday, July 6, 2009

Well, well, well...

While the Thoughts part of this blog is going strong, the Life part is also, unfortunately, going strong. We are in the high part of summer here in the good ol' midwest, which means barbecues (where we don't eat BBQ but instead feast on burgers and some incarnation of something covered in Miracle Whip), Family reunions, and humidity. Thankfully, this year the last one is taking it's sweet time getting here.
Hubby's sister is coming in for a week next week, and we rarely get to see her, so it will be nonstop fun. Okay, maybe we'll stop now and then, but mostly I'm hoping it's nonstop. Other than that, we're prepping for abovementioned Family Reunion (it really does have to be's that fun and cool) of Hubby's side of the clan this weekend.
Other happenings:
Visits from friends who have moved out of state....
Emergency mulch deliveries from my parents (Hi, we're coming home with a trailer load of much, do you want some?)
Getting our house painted (because it REALLY needs it).
Buying a pool for Toast. That's not the exciting part. The exciting part is getting it home in my Honda Civic.
And generally trying to sort out life, as we all do, on a daily basis. I'm feeling a little, well, stuck lately. I have a million things I want to do, but no inspiration for any of it. I'm feeling more of the "I can't" lately than the "why not". It's adding extra annoyance because it's been so positively beautiful around here that it's perfect for playing and drawing and going to the park and all matters and sorts of summer activities.
I"m going to get right on that.

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