Thursday, June 18, 2009


Just heard on BBC America (I'm's hard to hear a direct quote when Toast is screaming for "meeealk"): America suffered through two rigged elections, putting and keeping George Bush in Power. Americans could learn a few things from the Iranians about how to voice their displeasure.

WOW. Keeping Bush in POWER. So fascinating to see how the world views our election process over the past decade.

Can't say I disagree.

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Sonya Lee said...

I look at the millions of people assembling in the streets of the cities in Iran and I ask "where were we in 2000 and 2004? We're sheep in this country. We don't come out like that for anything. Or when we come close, like some of the war protests, they weren't covered in the media. Not much different that Iran in many respects, I would say.

BTW, I am new to blogging and Twitter and I struggle with balancing my two passions: crafts and politics. I admire that you just "put it out there". I'll be following you. Thanks!