Saturday, February 28, 2009

I HATE mornings like this.

Preface: Wednesday and Thursday night, Toast was waking up frequently crying. Thursday it was every hour on the hour. Hubby and I have an "agreement" that unless T is really sick, I get up during the week because Hubby has to work. Toast really doesn't wake up at night any more, and this works out fine...except I ALWAYS hear Toast when he gets up, and Hubby rarely does.

7:00 AM, Saturday 2/28: *wail* silence *wail* silence
7:00:30: I furiously poke hubby. "will you get up with him?" (this happens a lot. I'm always afraid Toast will wake up Hubby and so spring from bed fully loaded to go and get him. I didn't say I was happy about it, or graceful in doing it, just that I do. Hubby always requires poking.)
7:00:35 "yes," my dear sweet husband groans.

Hubby gets up, gets the toast. I try to go back to bed. Then this happens.

Brain: there's no milk.
me: shut up, they can eat eggs.
Brain: there's no milk
me: shut up, you don't need milk to make eggs, it's just a bonus. Like sour cream. You don't need sour cream to make any food at all, but it makes everything better.
Brain: There's only one egg.
me: They can make oatmeal. Hubby can figure that out.
Brain: there's only a half a cup of Oatmeal left.
me: they can eat INSTANT...shut up shut up shut up *pounds pillow and pulls blanket over head*
Brain: There's no instant. You insist on the real thing now because "It's not that hard to make and surely real oatmeal and brown sugar is better than instant dehydrated sweetner and fake oats"
Me: Shut up.
Brain: There's no milk.

I get out of bed. I go downstairs. Toast is eating cheerios and hubby is thinking about breakfast. He looks at me, I know he's thinking about how to phrase this.

I suggest going out for breakfast, he happily agrees. Marital bliss is restored.

But then my brain starts in again:
brain: we have to go to drop hubby's car off at the dealership for some work...and we were going to go to IKEA. These things cannot be accomplished in the alloted time without at least a half hour of wait time...too long to wait, too short to come home.
Me: shut up.

So that's how I was up, dressed, packed for a trip to Ikea, grocery list made (to kill that half hour), things measured so we could look for counterparts at IKEA, planned and everything written down, all before eight AM.

All before Coffee.

Sometimes I'm amazed at my own strength.


trisomymommy said...

All before coffee? Good god woman, are you insane?

Coffeemomma said...

YES...apparently I am.

hoppytoddle said...

You= Awe Inspiring.

Oh, & sucky, too. For having the close Ikea & all.