Thursday, February 12, 2009

C'mon spring!

Now that all the snow is gone, I find that I"m just completely disenchanted with this whole winter thing. I mean, I live where I do because I like winter...okay, it's not my FAVORITE season, but being a homebody and all, I love being able to curl up in my house and putter all day while the wind and snow and cold rage outside. I love cooking comfort food and feeding Hubby with it. I love knitting in front of a good DVD. I feel guilty doing any of this in the middle of the day when it's "nice" outside and I should be out soaking up the sun. But this week? yeah. The snow is gone and so is the love. Let's get a move on, spring.

We've been in the house completely too much lately...most of the week, actually. The plus side of this is that I've been a bit...well...compulsive this week, so the house is clean and pretty. The down side is that the house is now clean and pretty and I'm STILL IN IT. I need to get out. I sense a trip to...well, somewhere this afternoon to get out of this place. Toast and I did go for a lovely long walk on monday (that coupled with the cleaning earned me more than a few activity points for my weekly Weight Watchers total, let me tell you), and that did help.

I think part of this whole cabin fever thing is the aforementioned weather, part of it is the timing...this week marking the one year anniversary of Tiny Man's death. It's been a rough time. We were supposed to go to a memorial service last saturday, but did not due to the extreme migraine I had all day. To answer the question, maybe it was caused by tension and subconscious...I don't know. I do know that I have very mixed feelings about missing the memorial. On one hand I really would have liked to have gone....but our hospice team is still making visits, so we see them regularly anyway. And the timing for us, the weekend before the one year mark, was very poor. So maybe next year we'll try again.

I spoke to a friend this week about anniversaries like the sort I'm experiencing now. She asked if I was remembering everything from this week last year, and the answer is yes. I remember what I was doing with Tiny Man each and every day of this week last year. It's so vivid it almost scares me. We have made plans for this weekend and next to be out of the house and with family, and I think that this is a wise decision. I"m looking forward to it.

Perhaps some thrifting at salvation army this afternoon.....

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