Wednesday, December 10, 2008

You're so crafty!

So, we're on a budget here at Chez Coffeemomma. If you stay at home, you know what I mean. And it's really not that bad...except at Christmas it does kind of cramp my style. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to give gifts. I adore finding something for someone I like and knowing it is the perfect thing. So this year, when I wanted to give friends a little something, I had to get crafty.

These are handmade felt ornaments I made for T's friends. I am pretty impressed with myself that I did these all from my little pea-sized brain, without a pattern. No, the child who received these is not named "Baahj"...each kid got their own initial. I had to be careful to sew sturdily, so that no matter of tugging would dislodge anything. But it's out of my hands now. :)

These gems are homemade hot chocolate kits. I coated plastic spoons with chocolate, then dipped them in peppermint and cinnamon. Also included are homemade marshmallows. yes, homemade marshmallows. I didn't know such a thing existed, but I found a recipe on the web and decided to try it out. There are many many sites for this, and all of the recipes are pretty much the same. I used our kitchen-aid mixer, and that really made the job have to whip them for about 15 minutes to get the right consistency and at the end things get a bit thick. Hubby also took some of these to work, under strict instructions not to take credit for them. Not like he would...I think.

I also tried to make some refrigerator magnets by covering small wood tiles with scrapbook paper and dimensional clear glue....only one set turned out okay. I didn't affix the paper to the wood in a good way, and the other sets looked a little funky and not right for gifting. But I liked the way it looked and I"m going to keep on going with this project until I get it right.

Haven't been doing much knitting lately...there is too much piling up on me. I can really tell that my zen is off because I don't have that down time. I'm getting excited for vacation, which will include much knitting, purling, and vegging out.


Heather Wade said...

I enjoyed a package of your home-made marshmallows. I never knew they could taste so good! I don't want to eat store-bought ones ever again! They were sooooo tasty!
By the way, Scott took a little credit in helping making them - by keeping Toaster out of the way!

Trish said...

Hope you had a wonderful ,somepart healing Christmas and new year .. we missed you on the 20th... but had a belated toast for " Toast" ( does that make any sense ???) there are more times coming as we all know, that will take you out of what we all see as normal ..please just know that we..your friends will also never forget that wonderful gift ... A very Happy new Year to you all ,Trish xxxxoooo