Saturday, October 6, 2007

Indian Summer

So on any given day a million thoughts run through my head...none of them blogged. Various reasons: I'm lazy, the computer chair now hurts my already compromised lower back (only two months till baby....let's get this show on the road), I simply don't have time time and energy after toting the tiny man all day, the sheer insanity of the new schedule we're on (school, therapy, school, etc)...

So what are some of these thoughts?

- Worst tagline ever, seen in a children's catalog (which shall remain nameless): "Everyone loves to play cornhole!" advertisement not for anal sex, but for a bean-bag tossing game. Hmmmmmmmm.

- Approximate velocity of diarrea as it shoots from all open areas on a diaper. Can it be measured, and would we really want to?

- Probability of having something important to do, or many somethings, during the week in which your well craps out and you have no water.

- Questioning the relative sanity of committee chairs in charge of a certain fund raising walk...chairs who require a two hour training to learn how to accurately fill out a one page, one sided registration form. Roll plays are included.

- Questioning motive for strangulation when said chairs revise said paperwork the day before said fund raising walk, requiring more roll play and more training exactly one half-hour before registration begins.

Just a few things I've thought about this week. These probably would have turned into rants had I not allowed myself this time to stew over them.

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