Wednesday, April 25, 2007

All Consuming

It has been a trying week around here, to say the least. You know the kind of week where your mind is constantly consumed by whatever latest crisis has arisen, and you find yourself wasting lots of time just thinking about it? Yeah, that kind of week. In addition to Tiny Man having three nights of bad sleep (Tiny man bad seep = parental bad sleep), he has had a variety of ailments keeping his usually sunny personality pretty cloudy. I've been feeling a little under the weather myself, and have managed to make myself pretty much useless around here lately. Just mopey all around. Lets hope we all snap out of our funks pretty soon.
On the up side, we did get some of the garden in this week (okay, Hubby did the work, I was otherwise occupied)...peas, radishes, fennel and lettuce are in. Tomatoes, basil, various flowers are sprouting from the seed containers on our dining room table. In no time we will have things planted and we'll be ready to go. The herbs are going like gangbusters, even the things which we thought were going to do poorly a year ago (Chammomile and Lavender have come back great). We actually have some things that need to be split this year, which is proof that our little plantings are starting to take off. It's been beautiful weather for walking and being outside, having the windows open in the house. We also got the deck furniture out, so spending afternoons outside is now possible.
Spent an evening with S and M (not until I typed that did I realize how subversive it could be to spend time with my best friends) on Saturday, which was lovely as usual. It's nice to have people you click with no matter how much time passes or what else is going on. It's not like just being able to get out of the house alone, which I do get to do on occasion, it's better, because I get out alone and get to spend time with people I like who get me. What more could anyone want.
Let's hope that the casa de coffeemomma funk clears up this week.

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