Monday, March 12, 2007

Done at Last

In my knitting world (and on a much lighter note than last post), I have finally finished this blanket I started last november. It is lovely, and I really love it. It was endless stockinette,'s a log cabin pattern from "Mason Dixon Knitting". I have learned several things from this experience, not the least of which is I am NOT an endurance knitter....I really prefer small, portable projects. I like socks, I have discovered, hats are nice, mittens are okay. Alas, I have another blanket of the same type on the needles, but it is a baby blanket and much smaller in size. Should be okay, I think.

This is the first year in a long long time that I have been excited about spring coming. I always used to love College it meant not freezing my ass off while biking to class. Then I started teaching and it just meant teenagers crankily awaiting spring break...then returning surly and unwilling to do anything for anyone, awaiting graduation. Now I remember what a joy it is to watch the snow melt, smell the ground, and watch flowers poke out. It's nice to be aware of these things again. Seeds are ordered, and I"m looking foward to the garden this summer. I'm looking forward to planting, watching things grow, and taking the Tiny Man outside for a poke around the plants in the afternoon. Looking forward most to being able to go outside again and take a walk. I need it...I need some fresh air, and Tiny Man could use it too. Hubby wanted to go for a walk tonight, but since I have band, not so much. Maybe tomorrow, when it is supposed to be in the mid sixties (!).

Tomorrow is a big day, again....I am going to drop off notice that I am taking another year of leave from work. I have never been so content as to be at home. I enjoy the days with tiny man, I enjoy being able to take life at a slower pace and answer to no one but myself. And Tiny man really is showing the benefits of the arrangement, too. He's doing well. It does feel odd not to work, though. I mean not to go to some destination to work each day. I'm still working: at home, tutoring, one day a week out of the house while mom watches Tiny Man. But it's different....and there isn't the infernal and unending pile of papers to be graded, phone calls to be made, things to be set up, prepared, torn down, put away...for a host of kids who may or may not care, on this day, what is going on.

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